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This article incorporates the basic concepts about fault in tennis and rules and guidelines of tennis that one must know as a player and a fan.

Tennis is one of the world’s most popular games that come with multiple rules and guidelines. The game itself is entertaining and interesting not just as a professional pursuit but also for people to opt for it as a hobby. Those who are big fans of tennis may already know about the game’s principles, and if not, they should. So in this article, we are going to talk about the basic concepts regarding the tennis game that include its rules and regulations. Also, we will talk about the term ‘fault’ in relation to tennis.

What is a Fault in Tennis?

Given below is a list of some interesting facts about tennis. The game is really fun and exciting to watch as well as playing it also brings a lot of excitement and fun. So, if you are a tennis fan, you must know at least the basics of the game, if not everything. For this matter, we have gathered some of the facts and rules of tennis that you may find interesting. The points are listed below:

1. The Basic Idea of Fault in Tennis

The concept of fault in tennis is quite simple, and we can define it as the wrong attempt. Now, the wrong attempt can either be on behalf of the receiver or the fault of the server. We hope that you get the basic idea. Other than that, there are further categorizations of this term ‘fault’ in tennis. For instance, foot faults, normal faults, double faults, and so on. So, if you are a tennis fan and love to watch it as well as want to play this sport, then you must know the basics so that you can do better.

Fault in tennis

2. Types of Faults in Tennis

Some of the types mentioned earlier are first fault, foot fault, normal fault, etc. The first fault is one where you have the opportunity and a chance to try again. This chance is usually given to the server to make another attempt in the game. Other than this, the idea of a second fault is such that if the server is given a chance after the first fault, then that chance, if failed, is called the second fault. After the second fault, the server is given no more score but rather, his points are transferred to the receiver.

If you’re wondering how to avoid foot fault on the serve, watch this video.

3. Service Box in Tennis

Service box in tennis is basically the painted lines or the boundaries on the floor in the tennis court where you play the game. These lines have a relation with the fault in tennis. The fault is when the ball goes out of these lines. That is not just it; but instead, there are many other categories of faults that occur either when the receiver misses the ball. Also, if the ball touches any objects outside the service box, it is considered a fault in tennis. So, this was the basic idea about the service box.

4. Major Idea of Foot Faults in Tennis

The idea of foot fault is also very simple and easy to understand. Basically, this kind of fault occurs in the game when the player crosses the baseline. The rules in tennis say that the server cannot touch or cross the baseline while making an attempt to throw the ball. Therefore, one should always remain outside the baseline while making an attempt. Moreover, there is also a restriction on the server on walking or running while he makes an attempt because otherwise, it is considered a fault.

5. Guiding Principles in Tennis

Just like any other game, tennis also has its own specific set of rules that are for the convenience and avoidance of any misunderstanding. Some of the rules include: the players should always wait for their turn and should not rush or become impatient. Other than that, players should always agree upon tossing who is going to make the first attempt. Moreover, other rules include warming up, knowing that the receiver is ready, playing the game with full focus, etc. are some of the rules in the game.

What Can Result in Tennis Fault?

So far, we have covered different scenarios for tennis faults. But here we’ll share the most common reasons for tennis faults.

  • Poor Positioning

In other words, it’s called a foot fault. It happens when players ignore their feet’ position. It happens when players are in a rush or flustered.

  • Lack of Spin

It’s essential for players to hit higher above the net with a spin so that they can increase their margin for error. Moreover, it brings the ball back into the service box. When players don’t apply enough swing; as a result, the ball sails long and results in a tennis fault.

  • Inaccurate Toss

When the serve toss isn’t executed correctly, it affects the accuracy of the player’s serve. Unnecessary faults can cost them a match. Unfortunately, players pay more attention to the serve, and they ignore the toss. Therefore, they lose the match.

  • Wind

It’s another crucial factor that makes it difficult for the players to hit a serve into the service box accurately. The best approach for combating this issue and reducing service faults is to hit with less power, lower the toss, and apply more spin. It helps players enjoy more control and combat wind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you step over the line with your foot on a serve?

No, you cannot do that because then it is considered a fault or an error. It is advised to stay behind the baseline, and it is the rule as well. Stepping on the line or crossing it is considered a fault. So, avoid doing that even if you are not a professional and just practicing it.

What is tennis equipment?

Some of the required tools for this sport include rackets, tennis balls, good sports shoes, also known as tennis shoes, etc. Choose the rackets wisely that you can easily handle, not too heavy nor too light. Moreover, you need to have a proper tennis court for this sport.

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Why do tennis players bounce the ball before serving?

It is a part of the game but rather for the player’s own understanding of the game. Most players do this so that they get a fair idea regarding the ball and how far it will travel in the right manner. In other words, you can say that players do it just as a warm-up activity.

How can I be a good tennis player?

Practice is the key to becoming a good tennis player. It requires hard work and consistency. Other than that, knowing the rules of the game properly and good body language is a must.

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Tennis has a lot of benefits that include health benefits. It is an excellent sport through which one can enhance their physical as well as mental health. Those who are fond of tennis know the nature of the game and what it takes to be a professional player.

However, it is not only for the professionals but also for people like us who like playing it as a hobby. Therefore, rules are necessary for both, i.e. the professionals as well as those who have it as a hobby. So, if you are a tennis fan, you must know all these simple and basic ideas.

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