Best Tennis Strings for Spin – A Detailed Guide

Finding the best tennis strings for spin is not as easy as it may sound. There are various things to look for in the strings: you must know the type of game you play and a lot more.
Tennis players at different levels of their playing experience look for statistics that ultimately make their gameplay better. Spin is one of the greatest techniques that can enhance your gameplay to a great extent.

While appropriate handling of the tennis racket is a key factor for an improved game, the best tennis strings for topspin and control also add a major part. Luckily, you won’t have to struggle anymore to find the right tennis string for spin, and our review guide will help you choose the best tennis strings for spin.

Our Top Picks

All of the products mentioned in the article are undoubtedly great, but the following two are our top picks that provide unmatched overall performance.

String for Power and Spin

Luxilon ALU Power Spin String

String for Control and Power

Best Tennis Strings

RPM Blast 16g String

Best Tennis Strings for Spin

Do you know topspin helps players in different ways? It helps players to keep the ball inside the court and also helps them kick the ball up. Therefore tennis strings for spin help players hit the ball in the right way. Before reading about the products in detail, glance through the table below to better understand and compare the products.

Best Tennis Strings for SpinFeaturesPrice
Solinco Hyper-G Heaven String40 feet string, 16 gauge,
square-shaped co-poly
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RPM Blast 17g String40 feet string, 17 gauge,
extruded monofilament
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RPM Blast 16g StringOctagonal profile, 16 gauge,
extruded monofilament
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Solinco-Tour Bite String40 feet string, 15L gauge,
co-polyester construction
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Luxilon ALU Power Spin String40 feet string, 16 gauge,
pentagon-shaped, polyester string
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Wilson Revole Spin StringUHMW additive, 16 gauge,
crosslink ester polymer
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Kirschbaum Pro Line II String16 gauge, co-polyester
Thermal Fusion Technology
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HEAD Sonic Pro Edge String40 feet, 16 gauge,
soft co-poly, pentagonal shape
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1 – Solinco Hyper-G Heaven – Best Tennis Strings for Spin and Control

If you are a sporty person and have a bit of interest in tennis, you must know what we are talking about. Tennis strings are a popular term among tennis players as they provide strength and power to the tennis racket.

Likewise, we have used and reviewed the Solinco Hyper-G Heaven High Spin poly string, and below is a detailed overview of all its features.

As implied by the name, Solinco Hyper-G Heaven High Spin Poly string is one of the best tennis strings for spin and control. With dimensions of 7 x 5 x 1 inch and a weight of 0.086 pounds, the green square-shaped co-poly allows the spin to be powerful and much controllable.

Similarly, the polyester monofilament fiber adds sturdiness to the racket, and even a slight connection with the ball causes the ball to go off exploding into the air. With this tennis string, you don’t have to worry about control because with this advanced polyester string installed into your tennis racket; you will be at the top of your game.

Because of the heavy-duty co-poly and all the advanced features instilled in this string, this string is not completely suitable for beginners. Other than that, be it durability, feel or control, Hyper-G has gained pretty positive responses from players all around.


  • Durable
  • Spin-friendly
  • Excellent control
  • Tension maintenance


  • Not suitable for beginners

It is believed that Hyper-G will be the next most popular string in the tennis world because of its outstanding features. The four grippy edges and phenomenal accuracy of the product make it even more attractive in the eyes of professional tennis players. All in all, it is a pretty good investment in the long run.

2 – RPM Blast 17g String – Best Strings for Topspin

From the public courts to the pro tours, the Babolat RPM Blast Black is an extensively used tennis string worldwide. Professional players such as Rafael Nadal and Wilfried Tsonga use the RPM blast 17g string; therefore, you can get the idea of how amazing the string is.

Made from Polyester, the string is robust and doesn’t absorb any type of moisture, unlike the nylon strings. Absorbing of the moisture results in the expansion of strings which impacts the tension of your racquet.

With an octagonal profile and a monofilament string of gauge 17, the string is firm and stiff to use.

The strings slide across each other due to the unique silicone coating that makes the racquet very easy on the hand.

In general, the RPM blast is very efficient. Due to the impressive design and slick surface, the string helps you deliver a remarkably high spin. Therefore, make the most of it and hit explosive top spins as much as you can. Moreover, the black string offers excellent precision and control. Whether you’re going for power or a delicate spin, the string helps in maintaining the control of your shot.

The RPM Blast is an excellent choice to have that is strong and not too heavy on the hand. The RPM blast easily has the sturdiest tennis strings for spin and gives you firm control while playing.


  • Durable
  • Sharp spin
  • Soft polyester string


  • Very low power

The RPM blast black string was used by Rafael Nadal and burst into the scene at the Australian open 2010. Since then it has been the most popular string to use and perhaps one of the best tennis strings for topspin.

3 – RPM Blast 16g String – Best Spin Tennis String

The Babolat brand has made quite a name for itself in the sports market because of its useful products over the years. This time too, Babolat has blessed us with the RPM Blast Tennis String to improve our gameplay in the field.

Many people believe this product to be the best spin tennis string because of its unique set of qualities so let us go over all the features of this tennis string.

When talking about the physical features of the Tennis string, the Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String is pretty impressive. It is 40 feet in length with 16 or 1.30mm gauge. Other than that, it is available in Black color.

Babolat has designed an advanced tennis string that is made of monofilament material. Monofilament is a feature that stands out because, unlike other strings, this tennis string uses this material, ultimately adding more control and power to the player.

The high-density co-polyester monofilament string leads to a high-speed response while playing. Similarly, the strings are also coated with cross-linked silicone, enabling the string to retain its position after connecting with the ball. Lastly, the string offers durability and the perfect amount of feel for any hardcore tennis player.


  • Durable
  • Spin at will
  • Great control
  • Direct feedback


  • No free power
  • It only works best with full stroke commitment

Being made of polyester, this is undoubtedly the best tennis string for power for challenging players. It has a mix of all the right attributes. From its high-quality material to ensure that it succeeds in providing the right amount of control and power to the player, this tennis string has it all.

4 – Solinco-Tour Bite String – Topspin Tennis Strings

This bright green tennis string is manufactured with the help of an expert tennis player Donald Young, to give exceptional accuracy on spins. These easily recognizable Solinco tennis strings are excellent performers for tennis lovers who like to defeat their opponents with spin shots.

The Solinco tour bite string is crafted using polyester material that offers high performance to advanced tennis players. These topspin tennis strings are gaining immense popularity among college athletes because of their incredible topspin capability.

If you know how to play tennis at precise angles, you will experience some really heavy balls through the spin. The thick 15L gauge is 1.35 mm and highly durable since it loses the tension way slower than the thinner gauges.

Talking about the spin capabilities of this string, the Tour Bite String provides the players with easy yet efficient spin, all credits to its amazing snap back and multiple edges.


  • Great spin
  • Most durable


  • Less comfortable

If you desire to hit faster strokes that are too deep into the court, the Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String is all you need to invest in. Because of its brilliant performance, a professional female American tennis player Sloane Stephens uses this string.

If you’re suffering from elbow injury, don’t forget to check our guide about best tennis strings for tennis elbow.

5 – Luxilon ALU Power Spin String – Best Tennis Racket Strings

Another strong competitor to the RPM blast string is the ALU power spin manufactured by Luxilon. It is the advanced version of the trademark ALU Power model to add more spin and string movement to your racquet.

It is made from polyether material and has an extraordinary pentagonal shape. The Luxilon ALU power spin is the choice for ages, especially if you love having a hybrid setup on your tennis racquet.

Hybrid racquets are an excellent choice for exploring the strings while you swing. The Luxilon set is about 40 feet in length, being more than enough to string one racquet.

The ALU power spin has the tools to give competition to the RPM blast black, thanks to the sharp edges of the string. Even for average ball hitters, this string would be providing a potential spin on their shot. The string is durable and doesn’t lose its tension after a powerful impact with the tennis ball.

With a gauge of 16L, Luxilon usually recommends tying the string 10% looser than usual to achieve quality performance. The 5-sided cross-section appeals to the customers as it adds a spin effect to their powerful shots.

This string gives you stability as well as control of your racquet. With excellent resilience and topnotch spin, you can advance and take your level of gameplay to the next level.


  • High precision
  • 5-sided cross-section
  • Improved bite and spin
  • It could be used as the main string in hybrid strings


  • Too firm for beginners

The Luxilon ALU Power spin 127 has the best strings for spin and could be used in hybrid strings as well. For advanced senior players who need control and precision on the ball with some topspin, this is the best choice to have.

6 – Wilson Revole Spin String – Best Tennis String for Spin

Wilson Sporting Goods have brought us the loveliest present of all time in the form of the Wilson Revole Spin Tennis String Set. Since 1914, this company has been recognizing people’s passion for tennis. Therefore, to support their talent and passion, they have come up with the best tennis string for a spin, control, and, more importantly, for boosting your confidence against your competitor.

The tennis string is available in Green color. It has a pretty suitable size and weight that any size of the player could carry. It has a dimension of 7 x 6 x 0.37 inches with a super lightweight of 0.08 pounds.

Unlike other strings, this one comes in a pentagonal shape. This shape increases the chances of spin threefold. Similarly, it is also designed with a UHMW additive, making the surface low-friction and allowing the player to engage in sharp and swift snap-back.

This string is a perfect example of tension maintenance because the crosslink ester polymer adds feel and strength to the racket. Because of all these features, the Wilson Revole Spin Tennis string delivers impressive durability.

It is also important to note that polyester string is not something easy to deal with. You can only get the best out of it if you engage in an aggressive tennis match.


  • Durable
  • Excellent spin
  • Fantastic control


  • Not suitable for beginners

Just because of its one small disadvantage, we cannot overlook the fact that this is one of the best tennis strings for control. It has excellent control and spin, which is what real players crave. People also feel double excited when they find out that the product will serve them for a long time.

This string is not suitable for beginners, but don’t worry. You can read this article and purchase the best tennis racquet for beginners.

7 – Kirschbaum Pro Line II String – Tennis Strings for Power and Spin

Kirschbaum has been in the tennis industry for 20 years now, and they excel in making copolymer tennis strings that are exciting to use. Let’s take a look at the features it offers.

The majority of the Kirschbaum strings are pre-stretched from start and made from a soft polyester to have a long-term life. The soft polyester feels very comfortable on the hand and gives you precise control and precision even in powerful shots.

Unlike other strings, the Kirschbaum Pro line gives plenty of power even if you miss time a serve. Furthermore, the string works well for adding spin into your swing as well.

At the same time, it may not give you the picture-perfect spin effect but is still more than enough to provide you with a fierce combo of tennis strings for spin and power.

Most racquets consist of stiff polyester that can cause trouble and pain in your arms and wrists. However, that’s not the case when it comes to the Kirschbaum Pro-line evolution. The string gives a soft feel, and if you’re prone to injuries, then this might be the complete package for you to have.

The Kirschbaum Set Pro-Line II has an 18-gauge tennis string that gives you a complete bite of the ball. Moreover, the 18g string adds more power to your shots as it has the tension as well the sturdy strings to back itself.


  • Durable
  • Great comfort
  • Precise control
  • Suitable for power and spin


  • Tension loses at a quick rate

For intermediate-level players who prefer power and spin in their swings, the Kirschbaum Pro Line II is the ideal choice to have.

8 – HEAD Sonic Pro Edge String – Best Strings for Spin

If you haven’t found a string that meets your requirement, we have this last option for you. Out of all the strings that we have reviewed above, the HEAD Sonic Pro tennis string probably has the best control on different types of shots.

Read further to know why this product is among the list of best tennis strings for spin.

It is Crafted with a blend of special additives that not only provide the ultimate spin but also provide great comfort and power. The company has used a special co-polymer to manufacture these strings so that you can hit the ball deep into the court without having your arm pay the price.

The pentagonal shape of the string improves the spin 3x times than other strings. The 16 gauge, on the other hand, is a medium-thick gauge that is highly durable; hence, it is a great choice for those who are likely to break the strings frequently.


  • Excellent spin
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Soft yet maximum control


  • Might lose tension quickly

For some players, the incredible spin potential of these strings is everything, whereas; some take the maximum advantage of its control feature. Consider the fact; the HEAD Sonic Pro Edge String is considered one of the best tennis racket strings for various reasons.

So, you have found perfect string for control. But the good news is this article can help you find the best tennis racquets for control. Moreover, don’t go anyway and read our review guide about the best tennis strings as well. It will help you a lot in choosing the best tennis strings.

Buying Guide

Buying tennis strings for power and spin is not a tricky task but, buying the right one for you is. Therefore, we have explained some important things to understand and look for before purchasing a tennis string.

Types of Strings

Understand the tennis string as the life and soul of a tennis racket, and rightfully so, because, without a string, you won’t be able to play. Following are some different types of tennis strings that you can choose as per your preference.

  • Multifilament strings – Good for gut-like features
  • Natural Gut – Most playable and the original but, these are
  • Synthetic Gut/Nylon – Provides an idyllic all-round performance
  • Durable Polyesters/Kevlar – Highly popular and perfect for frequent string breakers
  • Soft Polyesters/Multifilament Polyesters – Latest type with excellent comfort and relatively less harsh on the player’s arms


Remember that the thinner the gauge, the better the playability whereas, the thicker the gauge, the excellent the durability. Four tennis string gauges range from 15, which is the thickest, to 19, the thinnest. However, the half gauges are labeled as 15L, 16L, 17L, and on and here, L means “light.”

  • 15 gauge – 1.35 mm, standard for every tennis racket
  • 16 gauge – 1.30 mm, most popular and provide the optimum power and durability
  • 17 gauge – 1.25 mm, opted by many players
  • 18 gauge – 1.20 mm, thinnest tennis gauge among all

String Tension

The tension of a tennis string plays a vital role in comfort, feel, and playability; let’s find out what the higher and lower tensions are capable of.

  • Higher tension – More control and durability with lesser power, comfort, and feel.
  • Lower tension – More power, comfort, and feel whereas, lesser durability and control.

Read our guide about how to choose tennis strings.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

If you are still finding it difficult to choose the right tennis strings, then read these FAQs.

What are the best tennis strings for spin?

Though all of the products mentioned above are considered the best tennis strings for power and spin, our top recommendation among all the products is the Luxilon ALU Power Spin String.

With strong construction, 5-sided cross-section, brilliant precision, high durability, and a lot more, it is safe to say that the Luxilon ALU tennis string is surely the best hybrid string for power and spin.

Which string pattern is best for spin?

As you know, there are different string patterns, such as 16 x 20, 18 x 20, 16 x19, and a lot more. But 16 x19 is the most popular stringing pattern. This is because it’s more open than 18 x20, and it provides players with extra spin and power. Moreover, players like this pattern because of its feel when it makes contact with the ball.

How fast do tennis strings lose tension?

All tennis strings tend to lose tension over time. In fact, after getting out of the stringing machine, they begin to lose their tension gradually. A rough estimate between 5 to 10 percent is believed to be lost during the first 24 hours. Eventually, the strings began to notch within some time; hence that’s the ideal time to restring your racquet.

Does tennis string get old?

Tennis strings do get old with time. A tennis racket can’t hold strings together for good. It is only a matter of time until the loose strings begin to show up, indicating a complete replacement. However, it is important to keep a check on your tennis strings now and then. The tennis string does not come with an expiry date, so all you can do is wait and observe till the signs show up.

Other Important FAQs

Do tennis strings matter?

Yes, they do! Strings are the essential elements of a tennis racquet as they bite the ball and give you the command over it. The strings come in various ranges, composition and each has its potential so choose according to your style of play.

Why do my tennis strings keep breaking?

The real reason why you might be facing the breakage of your tennis strings is excessive top spins. That’s right, many players use the topspin strategy, which includes rubbing the ball on the cross strings of your tennis racket, which ultimately causes the tennis strings to break instantly.


Surely you would have an idea about why sturdy tennis strings are termed as game-changers. You also know how to choose the best of the best among our recommended options. So, I hope after reading this article, you would have found the best tennis string for spin.

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