Best Strings for Tennis Elbow – Arm Friendly Tennis Strings

What is the most prominent injury in tennis? Most tennis players suffer from tennis elbow. Yes, you have read it right. Unfortunately, racquet strings play a crucial role in tennis elbow injuries. Therefore, it’s essential to consider your skillset before choosing the strings. If you’re struggling to find the best strings for tennis elbow, your struggle will end here because after reading this review guide, you’ll be able to choose the best tennis strings for tennis elbow.

Before we review the best strings for tennis elbow, it’s essential to know the basics of strings and how can they cause elbow injury?

Can Tennis Strings Result in Tennis Elbow?

Yes, tennis strings can cause tennis elbow. For example, if the strings are strung too tight, they’ll transfer more shock to your arm. As a result, it can cause tennis elbow. Racquet string tension plays a major role in causing elbow injuries. When the string tension is tight, the arm will suffer more strain.

So, string tensions that focus more on control can easily cause tennis elbow. In contrast, a tension that focuses on power will not cause tennis elbow. Therefore, you must consider all these factors when choosing tennis strings, especially if you already have a tennis elbow injury.

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List of Best Tennis Strings for Tennis Elbow

  1. Luxilon 125 Natural Gut – Best Hybrid Strings
  2. Head Velocity MLT – Arm Friendly Tennis Strings
  3. Wilson Sensation Plus – Best Tennis Strings for Beginners
  4. Wilson NXT Soft – Best Wilson Strings
  5. Babolat VS Touch – Top Tennis Strings
  6. Wilson With Luxilon NXT – Softest Tennis Strings
  7. Dunlop Sports Silk Pro – Best Arm-Friendly Tennis Strings
  8. Head Reflex MLT – Durable Tennis Strings

8 Best Tennis Strings for Tennis Elbow

As mentioned above, most tennis players suffer from tennis elbow, and depending on the severity, the pain can move to the upper or lower part of the arm. So, if you don’t pay attention to the tennis strings, it can cause additional pain.

You can purchase tennis racquets for tennis elbow or purchase strings to get relief from tennis elbow. Most people prefer the second option. Therefore, we have decided to review the arm-friendly tennis strings.

1. Luxilon 125 Natural Gut – Best Hybrid Strings

Luxilon brand is a well-known brand in the tennis community. As the name indicates, these strings are made of natural gut material; therefore, they’re the best strings for tennis elbow. It has three different thickness options available so you can choose according to your skillset and needs.

More importantly, these strings are ideal for anybody suffering from tennis elbow regardless of the skill level. It provides the required durability, comfort, and playability. Another thing that we loved about this string is its compatibility to fit well with other strings. Finally, the extra ribbons provide better tension.


  • Great for shoulder pain
  • Provides excellent feel and durability
  • Different thickness options allow players to choose one according to their skill


  • It’s more expensive than other products available in the market

Overall, it’s best for players who want incredible feel and relief from the tennis elbow.

2. Head Velocity MLT – Arm Friendly Tennis Strings

It’s the best alternative to the product mentioned above, especially for people who suffer from tennis elbow but don’t want to invest much in tennis strings. These multifilament strings are arm-friendly. These strings have over 30 filaments on the outer wrap and are constructed from more than 1000 filaments. Therefore, they’re the best option for spin.

Luckily, it’s ideal for players who want comfort and feel. We included this in our list of recommended strings for tennis elbow because of the low price and other above—mentioned features.


  • Pretty cheap
  • Easy on the arm
  • It offers much better spin potential and control


  • Not a good option for power

So players who don’t want to spend extra money but still want to enjoy comfort and feel can purchase this product.

3. Wilson Sensation Plus – Best Tennis Strings for Beginners

If you have a pre-existing injury like a tennis elbow or just started playing tennis, you must purchase these strings. It’s the most popular synthetic multifilament string out there because it provides comfort. It has two thickness options, but for beginners, I would recommend choosing 16g.

At this price, it’s not a bad product. Moreover, it’s available in two colors so you can choose one according to your preference.


  • Inexpensive
  • Provides power and comfort
  • Perfect choice for beginners


  • At this price, you can’t get the durability and comfort of natural gut strings.

Like the product mentioned above, it’s also a cheap product and a good choice for players who’re just starting playing tennis.

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4. Wilson NXT Soft – Best Wilson Strings

When the skill level of players changes from beginner to intermediate, they suffer from various issues, and I suffer from tennis elbow. Therefore, I explored different options for my elbow pain. Luckily, I found a perfect one in Wilson NXT soft.

As the name indicates, these strings are soft and absorb shocks. Therefore, they’ll not have much strain on the injured arm. I liked these strings because of the power and comfort they provide. More importantly, these are arm-friendly tennis strings.

It’s made from soft fibers to absorb more shocks. So, if you can’t afford natural gut strings, you can purchase this one because it also provides everything a player suffering from tennis elbow needs.


  • Provides superior comfort
  • Good choice for feel and power
  • Provides great control over shots
  • Best tennis string for intermediate players


  • It comes in only one color

After comparing it with all the products mentioned above, I found it perfect.

5. Babolat VS Touch – Top Tennis Strings

If you’re suffering from tennis elbow and searching for the premium strings, then look no further because it has everything you need. These are in our list of best strings for tennis elbow for many reasons.

It offers three different thickness gauges, which you’ll not get in cheap products. Secondly, these high-quality natural gut strings have been used in more than 100 grand slam victories. These top tennis strings for tennis elbow provide superior comfort and ease elbow pain.

Moreover, players who want to generate power without compromising the feel can use these strings. Finally, these strings come in a black color, which is the favorite of most tennis stars.


  • Responsive quality string
  • Good choice for power and comfort
  • Favorite choice of many tennis stars


  • Price is on the higher side

Due to its unique construction, it’s a perfect choice for people suffering from tennis elbow.

6. Wilson With Luxilon NXT – Softest Tennis Strings

As the name indicates, it’s a hybrid mix of natural gut and synthetic multifilament. As you know, natural gut strings are expensive, but this hybrid mixture will keep the costs down. Moreover, these strings are the softest tennis strings, so they don’t cause strain on the arm. In fact, they absorb shock, and they’re easy and gentle on the arm.

These are the best hybrid strings because you don’t have to purchase different strings. You can still enjoy the benefits of both strings. Luckily, both strings are arm-friendly, and players suffering from tennis elbow can try them without any second thought or invitation.


  • Available at a low price
  • Reduce tension on the arm
  • Perfect choice for playability
  • It offers a good mix of feel and power


  • It’s the first product on our list that doesn’t have any disadvantages

So, people who want to enjoy the benefits of both natural gut and synthetic multifilament strings can purchase this string because it’s available at a low price.

7. Dunlop Sports Silk Pro – Best Arm-Friendly Tennis Strings

When we talk about tennis strings for tennis elbow, the Dunlop brand is pretty new to tennis strings. These strings are the multifilament and best alternative to natural gut strings. Players can enjoy durability and comfort because tiny filaments are covered by an outer coating of polyurethane.

It’s the best arm-friendly tennis string because of its excellent shock-absorption capability. More importantly, the durability makes them worthy strings. No doubt, natural gut strings provide more feel and comfort, but luckily these tiny filaments also do the same. It means you can enjoy the same feeling as natural gut at a low price.


  • Get value for the money
  • Offers excellent durability
  • Provides outstanding comfort


  • It comes in only one thickness gauge

Overall, it’s the best product because players can enjoy the stability and comfort of a natural gut without paying too much.

8. Head Reflex MLT – Durable Tennis Strings

Sometimes players have to compromise power and touch when they purchase arm-friendly tennis strings, but it’s not the case with these strings. By using these strings, players can enjoy power and touch because fibers are bonded with a flexible PU raisin.

More importantly, a low friction additive is added to the outer coating to increase durability. Finally, I notice that it reduces harsh vibrations when using these strings. Moreover, the strings are constructed in a way to provide enough sweet spots.


  • Arm friendly
  • Great value for the money
  • Good choice for comfort and durability


  • Not a good choice for control

Good string to buy at this price.

Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for When Choosing Tennis Strings for Tennis Elbow

If you don’t want the condition to worsen, ensure that you consider the following things when choosing tennis strings for tennis elbow.


When choosing strings for tennis elbow, the first and most important thing you need to consider is the string material. Natural Gut or Multifilament strings are best for tennis elbow. They have a soft construct, and they don’t transfer must shock to your arm.


Along with the material, it’s another critical thing to consider. It might not directly impact the tennis elbow, but you still need to consider it for durability and playability. Remember, thicker strings are more durable, but thinner strings are better for playability.

So, skilled players must choose thicker strings. But beginners should prefer thicker strings because they’re more durable.

String Tension

You need to specify your desired string tension to the manufacturer or check it yourself when purchasing it online. People suffering from tennis elbow must use low tension strings.


As mentioned earlier, natural gut strings are better for tennis elbow, but they’re on the expensive side. But if you have a tight budget, you can try multifilament strings as an alternative.

Best strings for tennis elbow

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

If you still have any queries or confusion about the best tennis strings for tennis elbow, they will be cleared after reading the following FAQs.

What type of string is best for tennis elbow?

As you know, there are four main types of tennis strings such as multifilament, natural gut, synthetic gut, and polyester. But when we talk about the best options for tennis elbow, natural gut and multifilament strings seem the best ones. Moreover, both these strings are soft and comfortable. More importantly, they don’t transmit much shock to the arm.

What are the cheap tennis strings for a tennis elbow?

Nylon or multifilament strings are the best alternatives to natural gut strings because they almost do the same functions at a more affordable price. So, people who can’t afford to buy natural gut strings can try multifilament strings.

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What is the best string tension for tennis elbow?

Most manufacturers recommend string tension around 50 – 60 lbs for natural gut and nylon strings. In contrast, if you want to use strings like polyester, reduce the string tension because they’re stiffer and can cause arm injuries.

Does string tension affect the tennis elbow?

Yes, it does. You can avoid tennis elbow by reducing the tension on the racquet strings. On the other hand, racquets with greater string tension place more load on the elbow and increase the risk of injury. So, lower string tensions are good for people suffering from tennis elbow.

Other Important FAQs

Can arm-friendly strings fix tennis elbow?

No, they won’t heal the tennis elbow, but these strings prevent injury from occurring in the future.

Can polyester strings result in tennis elbow?

Yes they can, especially if you’re already sufferer of tennis elbow. Therefore, the best approach is to avoid polyester strings. If you’re using these strings, replace them immediately even if they’re in a good condition.

Are softer strings better for tennis elbow?

Remember stiffer strings transmit more shock to your arm. On the other hand, softer or loose strings transmit less shock. Therefore, soft strings are better for tennis elbow.

How to Choose the Right Tennis Strings?

Tennis strings come in various thicknesses, and they’re made of different materials to provide different benefits to tennis players. So, if you’re starting to play tennis, consider the following things:

  • Nylon and natural gut strings are best for beginners and intermediate players. They provide excellent power and comfort.
  • Polyester strings are ideal for advanced players. These strings are stiffer and control-oriented. But if you’re suffering from tennis elbow, avoid using these strings.

Moreover, consider all the other factors mentioned in our buying guide while choosing strings for tennis elbow.

Final Words

All tennis players don’t want to spend money to purchase natural gut strings. Therefore we have covered both natural gut and multifilament strings so that everyone can buy one according to their budget. So, now you can purchase the best strings for tennis elbow at an affordable price and enjoy all the perks that expensive tennis strings offer.

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