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In tennis, every player comes across many hazards and injuries. One of the most common issues is Lateral Epicondylitis, generally known as tennis elbow. There are many reasons for this problem, including wrong positioning, improper warm-up, and above all, wrong tennis racquet. It is estimated that about 50% of tennis players, both professionals, and beginners, suffer from tennis problems in their careers. If you are looking to buy the best tennis racquets for tennis elbow, you have landed in the right place.

But the problem is, tennis markets are loaded with a variety of racquets, which makes it hard to choose the right one for your playing style. We have analyzed everything from strings to user experience and selected these 10 best tennis racquets for tennis elbow for 2021.

Our Top Picks

Our top picks for best tennis racquets for tennis elbow are:

10 Best Tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow

Almost every tennis player suffers from an elbow injury. It happens when you choose the wrong tennis racquet. Spending time finding the right tennis racquet can prevent you from these injuries.

1 – Babolat Pure Drive 2021 – Best Racquet for Tennis Elbow

One of the best-selling tennis racquets for tennis elbow, the Babolat Pure Drive is popular for its power and ease of use. Featuring an HTR system, this tennis racquet comes with a visco-elastic rubber between the carbon layers. The frame has a similar mound as used in the 2018 version, but it has improved the frame’s feel.

A perfect choice for convenient power on ground strokes and serves, the pure drive series offers to hit the ball hard and accurately even if the shot is a bit off-center. The updated technology helps to absorb impacts without compromising on power. This lightweight tennis racquet weighs only 11.2 ounces when strung.

This 10th generation model comes with an amazing balance, along with elegant cosmetics; the racquet is a perfect choice for both intermediate and advanced players. Other notable features include a 100 square inch head, 4 point head light balance, and 16×19 spin-friendly string pattern.


  • Spin-friendly
  • Perfect Balance
  • Affordable Price
  • Power and spin galore
  • Great all-rounder tennis racquet


  • People complain about strings

2 – HEAD Ti S6 – Tennis Elbow Racquet

When it comes to tennis, HEAD is one of the trusted names on the market. HEAD Ti S6 is an excellent choice featuring a moderate swing searching for added power for an adult beginner-to-intermediate level tennis racquet. It comes with a durable titanium ad graphite frame to provide additional power and stability with each shot.

The oversized head (11 inches) of this best tennis racquet is a great option for entry-level players looking for a crisp shot right from the beginning. Besides its oversized head, the racquet has only 10.56 Ounces, making it one of the best lightweight tennis racquets for tennis elbow. The balance of the racquet is well balanced to help you in control and stability when hitting the ball.

The lightweight titanium frame also reduces air resistance and generates a low speed in swings. Its lightweight means the racquet should take less of a toll on the arm, elbow, and shoulder. The racquet price is reasonable, which makes it a decent choice for beginners looking for an upgrade to improve their skill level.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Durable construction
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to generate lots of power
  • Large head size and sweet spot


  • Too light for advanced players

3 – Wilson Clash 100 – Elbow Friendly Tennis Racquet

Class 100 is a perfect example of Wilson’s flawless craftsmanship. Offering an ultimate control with new frame bending sizes, this best tennis racquet for tennis elbow offers an effortless swing on any stroke. StableSmart features a unique frame structure to retain ideal stability and energy to support such an excellent frame layout.

It is one of the most versatile tennis racquets available on the market, offering absolute trust to players of all ages without compromising stability. Thanks to the FreeFlex technology that provides maximum ball pocketing and control.

The carbon mapping makes the grip ultra-convenient. Even with sweaty palms, it won’t easily slide away from the hand. The Wilson Clash 100 features a 100 square inch head with a one-piece string pattern and no-shared holes. It also has a decent strong tension average of 48-58 lbs.

Featuring a perfect blend of control and flexibility, the Clash 100 offers a sweet spot that is best for intermediate to professional players. With its 10.4 ounces of weight, this best tennis racquet allows maximum control for powerful kick serves. One of the best things about this tennis racquet is that its works best for players suffering from various injuries. Whether you have tennis elbow, back pain, or wrist strain, Clash 100 is a perfect match for you.


  • Flexible feel
  • Spin friendly
  • Ultra-fast acceleration
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Good texture and grip size


  • Not for beginners

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4 – Wilson K Zero – Best Arm Friendly Tennis Racquet

Manufactured from the most popular racquet material, graphite, this Wilson K Factor KZero is a perfect choice for beginners. Featuring a head size of 118 square inches, the racquet offers an extra-large sweet spot to make firm contact with the ball. When you become consistent at connecting with the sweet spot, your confidence level will naturally improve along with the game.

Besides the lightweight of only 8.64 ounces, the racquet is designed to deliver more power. Offering a 16 x 19 string pattern, it has 27.5 inches in length, which is ½ inches longer than standard (27 inches). A longer racquet means more power so that you can expect a serious power punch with such length.

Thanks to the [K]arophite Black and [K]ontour Yoke technology for offering perfect balance. The combination of these two technologies not only makes the racquet durable but also helps to enhance on feel and stability.

Wilson K Factor KZero can benefit the player who doesn’t want to swing a heavy tennis racquet consistently while offering ideal mobility in hitting shorts quickly. If you are a beginner adult or a recreational player, you will surely love this tennis racquet as it’s ultra-lightweight and easy to use.


  • Comes pre-strung
  • Large sweet spot
  • K factor technology
  • Stable and maneuverable
  • Lightweight and powerful


  • Produces more shocks

5 – OPPUM Adult Carbon Fiber – Most Comfortable Tennis Racquet

Oppum is another trusted name in the tennis industry, best known for manufacturing budget-friendly racquets. Oppum T80 is a perfect choice for beginners due to its lightweight and user-friendly design.

In fact, it’s the carbon fiber that makes the racquet lightweight, whereas nanotechnology offers full control and balance. Not only has it allowed better serves but also low string vibration.

One of the most appealing aspects of this best tennis racquet for tennis elbow is the combination of a comfortable wooden handle with a triangle structure. Such a combination is ideal for firm effects and absorbing excessive vibrations to make batting more comfortable. The plus point of a durable wooden handle is the shock-absorbing handle glue.

The racquet face features a highly durable mesh belt to improve the strength and stability of the ball. Another great feature is the double hole technology, which not only adds to the appearance but also makes it more stable and comfortable.

This independent small hole threading protects the ball line and helps to improve the life of a racquet. Other notable features include a 685mm length, 100-inch square inch face size, and 4 3/8 grip sizes. With the desired stiffness and lightweight, you can experience an ideal balance in great control and power.


  • Affordable price
  • Easy-to-grip handle
  • Excellent customer service
  • It comes with a carrying bag
  • Double Hole Technology Threading


  • Not durable

6 – HEAD MXG 5 Tennis Racquet – Best for Tennis Elbow

Featuring a prominent tagline of “power under control”, this new MxG line of tennis racquets by Head is getting incredibly popular for its unique bridge construction. Such throat design offers more movement of the main strings for ideal power and comfort. The bridge is blended with magnesium for optimum stability and comfort.

Head has added Graphene Touch material to the frame of MxG 5 for power and dampening. This best tennis racquet for tennis elbow is an extended-length racquet that features a 105 square inch head along with the 16 x 18 string pattern.

If you are looking to add more power to your performance control, this is a perfect choice for you. You can experience increased power with a larger sweet spot due to its innovative magnesium bridge, which is designed for longer, free-moving strings.

The molded bridge ensures to prevent the deformation hoop under pressure, which allows greater control on every shot. The MxG 5 is a high maneuverable tennis racquet offering players to create plenty of spins. If you are looking for a generous sweet spot with excellent control, MxG 5 is a perfect match for your needs.


  • Spin friendly
  • Affordable Price
  • Highly Maneuverable
  • Excellent grip and control
  • Innovative magnesium bridge


  • Unstable at times

7 – Babolat Boost S – Low Stiffness Tennis Racquet

The Babolat Boost Strike is ideal for beginners and lower intermediates. An excellent feature of this racquet for tennis elbow is that it combines power with forgiveness. Featuring a large head of 102 square inches, the racquet has a standard length of 27 inches. Available in different grip sizes, the racquet features Spiraltek 16 strings at a tension of 53 pounds.

The frame of Babolat Boost is made from graphite, which is lightweight but durable. Weighing just over 10 ounces, it has a grippy pattern of 16 x 19 string and excellent acceleration to offer great spin and power. Due to the best frame construction, the racquet flows through the air easily to improve your swing speed and add more power to your serves.

The weight is perfectly balanced right towards its handle that allows more control and power over the racquet. The frame construction gives excellent control and provides maximum power and spin with minimum effort. If you are a beginner and looking to improve your skills, this best tennis racquet for tennis is a perfect choice for you.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Modern design
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Woofer system technology
  • Available in different grip sizes


  • No cover

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8 – Wilson Blade v7 98 18×20 – Tennis Racquet for Tennis Elbow

Featuring a modern tri-colored design along with clean lines and elastic paint finish, this best Wilson tennis racquet for tennis elbow has a sharp design and cutting-edge innovation for an excellent performance. Though Wilson Clash 100 was initially equipped with the FeelFlex technology, it was the Wilson Blade that got an incredible response from players.

The Blade Line by Wilson is all about precision and a comfortable feel. Wilson has added FeelFlex technology to this tennis racquet to improve power and control. When a player needs that extra flex, the racquet efficiently provides it, and when a little more stiffness and stability, FeelFlex technology provides that as well.

There is a carbon mapping flawlessly placed throughout the frame to provide a more connected-to-the-ball feel. One of the best features of this tennis racquet is the Top Grip Taper to deliver an ultra-comfortable hand grip along with the reduced vibrations.

There are two sizes (98 and 104) available in Wilson Blade. For beginners, 104 square inches work best, whereas 98 is the best pick for intermediate to advanced players.


  • Top Grip Taper
  • Carbon mapping
  • FeelFlex technology
  • Reduced Spec Variance
  • Offers excellent control


  • Lacks Power

9 – YONEX Ezone 100 Lime Green – Best Yonex Tennis Racket

YONEX is a Japanese brand founded in 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama. It’s time to power up your game with this YONEX EZONE 100 tennis racquet. Featuring an enhanced ISOMETRIC sweet spot, the racquet offers an unmatched comfort that allows you to play all shots effortlessly. The New HYPER-MG technology improves the snapback speed for ideal power even on difficult off-center shots.

One of the best features of this tennis racquet for the elbow is the micro offset layout along with the quake shit gel air that reduces vibration and provides unmatched comfort.

YONEX has also added cutting-edge technologies to the durable frame, including Vibration Dampening Mesh and M40X material. The shock dampening technology effectively reduces 50% of vibration as compared to contemporary frames.

YONEX perfectly blends the control and power in the stringing and frame pattern. The lightweight of the racquet allows responding quickly when hitting the ball. In terms of arms feel and control, YONEX Ezone 100 is one of the best tennis racquets for tennis elbow.


  • Spin friendly
  • Reduced vibration
  • HYPER-MG technology
  • Powerful and comfortable
  • Enhanced ISOMETRIC sweet spot


  • Appearance needs improvement

10 – Babolat Drive Max 110 – Most Flexible Tennis Racquet

Manufactured with high-quality materials, Babolat Drive Max 110 comes with an innovative Cortex system. It is located above the racquet grip and efficiently dampens the vibrations, thus providing great control and focus on your shots.

Featuring a longer length for extra power and a weighty feel, the tennis racquet has a generous sweet spot along with the high string face.

The racquet grip is manufactured with synthetic sot material made with cortex comfort technology to ensure maximum support. In fact, it’s the material that adds strength and durability to this tennis racquet. There is extra padding inside the grip to offer a comfortable feel when playing.

The string pattern (16 x 20) gives you greater control when serving strokes. This lightweight racquet helps to create a smooth transition and decent maneuverability. When serving, the upper stiff hoop helps to generate power and ideal stability. However, the still feel is not good for beginner and intermediate players. It also has additional space in the string bed to prevent a bad spin while offering better control.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Better Spin Capability
  • Comfortable Grip Size
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Cortex system technology and Geometry


  • Stiff feeling

These are the 10 best tennis racquets for tennis elbow.

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Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose Best Tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow – The Buying Guide

Choosing the right tennis racquet can be confusing, especially when you have to select from so many options. Well, here are some essential guidelines and recommendations that will surely help to make the right choice.

Racquet Weight

You should start with the racquet weight. Typically, a heavy tennis racquet absorbs greater shocks. Experts recommend using a heavy tennis racquet for players suffering from tennis elbow. The best way to find the heavy tennis racquet weight is to consider your comfort while swinging it. However, make sure not to overdo it.

A racquet that’s too heavy may cause undue stress on the arm and lead to poor technique and contact with a ball. In most cases, players suffering from tennis elbow switch to a lightweight racquet due to the heavy weight. It will not solve your problem, and the chances are you will get used to the frame that is not suitable for your game.

Swing Weight

Swing weight is measured when you swing the racquet through the air. Choose a racquet with enough swing weight that helps you to improve your technique and cause less stress on your arm. In fact, swing weight is a function of the racquet balance and weight.


The balance of the racquet is essential to improve your technique and overall performance. The heavyweight of the racquet offers stability when hitting the ball, but the lightweight handle can expose you to shocks and vibrations. That’s why racquet balance is vital that allows you comfortable swing throughout the game.


When it comes to the racquet’s stiffness, tennis experts recommend choosing the stiffer one, which can be harsher on the arm due to vibration and shocks. When you make contact with a ball, the energy from striking it travels down the frame to the hand and then to your arm. Remember, the stiffer the frame is, the more prominent the vibrations will be.

String Material and Construction

Different types of strings are used in tennis racquets depending on the material, thickness, and construction. If you are suffering from tennis elbow, don’t choose a stiff material such as polyester. Instead, choose the nylon string tennis racquet for the best performance.

Besides material, string construction is also important that contributes to the tennis elbow. An ideal choice is a multifilament string, which is made from thousands of microfibers in order to create a string featuring a soft, forgiving feel.

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Head Size and Racquet Length

When the racquet head’s size increases, the string’s ability to absorb impact, flex, and deflect energy increases. It is recommended to choose the larger head size for the best results.

Length is another important factor that has a great impact on your performance. When the length of the racquet increases, the pressure or torque on the arm also increases when swinging it. Select the short racquet that falls between 27-29 inches in length.

String Pattern and Tension

String tension has a significant impact on the overall feel of the racquet. Players with tennis elbow should choose the lower tension to soften the feel and decrease the stiffness of the tennis racquet.

Strings absorb more energy at lower tension resulting in less vibration and shock to your arm. On the other hand, the lower string tension offers less control when hitting the ball.

Best tennis racquets for tennis elbow

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a heavy tennis racquet best for tennis elbow?

It is best to choose a heavier tennis racquet if you are suffering from tennis elbow. A heavy tennis racquet absorbs more stock when hitting the ball. But, if the racquet is too heavy, it can lead to undue stress on the arm and lead to poor technique and contact with a ball.

Does a larger grip help tennis elbow?

A grip that is too small can contribute to the tennis elbow issue. A large grip inhibits wrist snap on serves, which makes changing grips difficult and also needs more muscle strength. Therefore, a bigger grip can also contribute to tennis elbow problems.

Are tennis strings important?

Yes, tennis strings have a big impact on the game and overall performance. The material, tension, and the gauge of the strings make all prominent differences. The looser the strings are, the farther it helps to hit the ball.

How to make a tennis racquet more arm-friendly?

If you don’t want to change your tennis racquet, you can make your existing racquet arm-friendly. For example, use softer strings in a thinner gauge. Natural gut strings are best for shock absorption. Choose strings that are arm-friendly. Moreover, string your racquet loosely.

So, all these tips can help you convert your existing racquet into an arm-friendly one. Or you can spend some money and purchase any of the racquets reviewed above.

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Tennis elbow is indeed on the worst thing a player can suffer, but there are many things you can do to deal with it. An effective way is to choose the best tennis racquets for tennis elbow depending on your playing level, style, and above all, budget.

Never make a rush when selecting a racquet; take some time to analyze the racquet specification, consider your needs and pick the best tennis racquet for your needs.

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