How to Choose a Tennis Racket Grip Size?

Like other factors, selecting the right tennis racket grip size can help improve your game. Right grip size makes a huge difference in the performance of a tennis racquet. When you don’t choose the right grip size, it can cause a few problems. In this tennis racket grip size guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the grip size.

How Can a Wrong Tennis Racket Grip Size Cause Problem?

When buying a tennis racket, ensure that you’re buying a perfect one. When you buy a racket with too small grip size, you have to use muscle strength to avoid it twisting in your hand. Moreover, when you use such a racket for a long time, it causes elbow problems.

On the other hand, rackets that have too large grips are more difficult to grip. Moreover, they inhibit wrist snap on the serves. Like too small grip size, they also require muscle strength. When you use rackets with a too-large grip for a long time, you start facing elbow issues.

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How to Measure Grip Size?

You can find out your grip size in two ways. The first one is the ruler test, and the second one is the index finger test. If you want to find the ideal and perfect grip size for you, we would recommend using both these methods.

1 – Ruler Test

Keep the fingers together and align the edge of a ruler with the bottom horizontal line of your palm. Now, measure the grip size from the tip of your ring finger. This measurement helps you find the right tennis racquet grip size. Generally, the grip size falls between 4 and 4 5/8 inches.

2 – Index Finger Test

Hold the tennis racket in your hitting hand. Do this by using the eastern forehand grip. It means your palm must be on the same grip bevel as the string face. You can now measure the grip size by placing your index finger of non-hitting hand in the space between your palm and ring finger.

If you see there is no enough room for finger placement, it means the grip is too small. In this case, muscle strength will be required to prevent the racket from twisting in hand. Moreover, if the gap between the ring finger and palm is large, it indicates a too big grip size. In both cases, you’ll suffer from elbow problems.

If there is no or little space between your ring finger and palm after placing the index finger between them, it means it’s the ideal grip size for you. Moreover, it will provide you the most secure and comfortable grip.

As mentioned earlier, we would suggest using a combination of both these methods to find the ideal tennis racket grip size.

What Is the Most Common Tennis Grip Size?

There is no common tennis grip size because it varies from gender to gender and age to age. Women usually have smaller hands than men. Therefore, they use smaller grip sizes than men. Women prefer a grip size between 2 and 4. In contrast, men prefer a grip size between 3 and 5. You can find out the right grip size for you by using the above-mentioned methods because if one grip size fits well for anyone else, it doesn’t mean that it will be right for you.

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What Should I Do If I’m between Sizes?

It’s the common issue that most players face. In this case, you need to choose the smaller of the two grip sizes. By choosing the small size, you can build your grip by using an overgrip. You can buy the best overgrip from any reputable brand. You can secure the overgrip by using tennis grip tape.

We recommend a small grip size because you can extend it by using an overgrip. On the other hand, you can’t do anything with too big grip size. If you want to get a dry, fresh, and tacky feeling, keep changing the overgrip regularly. Moreover, it will give you better control and boost your confidence.

Why Does Tennis Racket Grip Size Matter?

Appropriate grip size provides you two benefits. The first one is comfort and the second one is it protects you from injury. On the other hand, too small or too big racket size can either cause strains on your arms or elbow injuries.

Tennis rackets with small grips slip more from the player’s hands. On the other hand, too large grip sizes put stress on your arm, hand, and wrist. Furthermore, too large grip size makes it difficult to change grips quickly. Therefore, you need to choose a grip size that makes you feel comfortable and avoid unnecessary stress on the arms and elbow.

Ideal Tennis Racquet Grip Sizes for Different Skill Level Players

As mentioned earlier, the grip sizes vary from age to age. Ideal grip sizes are given below:

For kids and junior players:

These players mostly use rackets with grip sizes less than 4-inch. For junior rackets, finding the exact grip size can be difficult. Most kids and junior racquets are inexpensive. Therefore, manufacturers don’t produce a wide range of grip sizes. 26-inch length rackets have a 4-inch grip size. Moreover, rackets shorter than 26-inch will have a grip size of 3-7/8 inches.

For Adults:

Most adult players have grip sizes between 4-1/8 inches and 4-5/8 inches.

For Women:

The ideal grip size for most women is 4-inch. This is because females have shorter hands than males.

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What Is the Average Grip Size?

Different players use different grip sizes, so the average grip size is 4-3/8 inches. Most players use this tennis racket grip size.

Tennis Racket Grip Size
Final Words

Many players often ignore the grip size when buying a tennis racket. Tennis racket grip size needs the same attention as you pay to other factors like head size, weight, string pattern, and balance.

If you want to feel comfortable and don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on your arms and wrist, choose the right grip size. Otherwise, you might face different issues.

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