BEST TENNIS RACKETS UNDER $100 in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

An enthusiastic tennis player is incomplete without an optimum racket. Tennis is considered to be an expensive sport because of its overpriced accessories. Even skilled and experienced players cannot meet their objectives because of the affordability issue. What if you could get the desired tennis racket at a pocket-friendly price? Yes, you guess that right! We have gathered all the best tennis rackets under $100 with outstanding quality to boost your performance.

You might be thinking that the cheap tennis rackets could be junk, but actually, it is not so. Only the costly ones don’t need to be perfect. Some of the finest tennis racquets are available at a budget-friendly price. However, selecting the compatible one that meets your expectations could be difficult and tedious. Don’t get down; we have a perfect solution to this.

Bring on the ultimate sportsmanship with the best tennis racquets under $100 and mark your name amongst the champions. Our team has carefully observed, tried, and tested the best ones that will lead you to a valuable investment.

We know that buying a tennis racket depends on an individual’s needs, grip, playing style, physiques, and other elements. Therefore, we have mentioned every detail about the best tennis rackets 2022 under 100. Simply read that out and choose the premium one that suits you the most. Not only this, we have documented a complete buying guide, followed by some FAQs to resolve every possible query.

Our Top Picks

Best Tennis Racket Under $100

best tennis racquet under 100
Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racket

Best Tennis Racket Under $50

Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket
Wilson Tour Slam Lite


Eager to find your ultimate sports partner? I guess you said yes! Have a glance at the elected best tennis rackets under 100.

Comparison Table

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacWilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis RacketString Pattern: 18*20Check Price
backpacHead Microgel Radical Tennis RacketWeight: 10.4 Ounces
String Pattern: 18*20
Check Price
backpacHead Ti.S6 Strung Tennis RacquetHead Size: 115 sq. in.
Weight: 8.9 Ounces
Length: 27.75 Inches
Check Price
backpacHead Ti Conquest Tennis RacketHead Size: 108 sq. in.
Weight: 9.7 Ounces
Length: 27-inch
String Pattern: 18*19
Check Price
backpacWilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis RacketLength: 27.5 Inches
String Pattern: 16*19
Check Price
backpacOppum Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis RacketHead Size: 110 sq. in.
Weight: 9.76 Ounces
Check Price
backpacHead Tour Pro Tennis RacketHead Size: 110 sq. in.
Weight: 9.7 Ounces
Length: 27-Inch
Check Price
backpacSenston Professional Tennis RacketHead Size: 96-100 sq. in.
Length: 27-Inch
Check Price

1 – Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 – Best Mens Tennis Racket

Have you just started your athletic journey? Great! Our first nomination from the best tennis rackets under $100 can be the right choice for a beginner tennis player.

Take a look at the fascinating features of the Wilson hyper hammer 5.3 strung, and check whether it is compatible with your requirements or not.

Wilson is a reputed name among other tennis sports good manufacturers. The famous brand has combined all the high-quality aspects in their Hyper hammer 5.3 strung.

If you wish to improve your game with a lightweight and powerful racket, then this one’s for you.

We have placed this sports item among the best tennis racquet under 100 due to various reasons. Firstly, the Hyper hammer features a 10-point hard, heavy frame with a 28 mm dual taper beam. The taller and narrower egg-shaped gives maximum accuracy to every shot.

Secondly, it is made from the hyper Carbon material, making it light and powerful. The lightweight construction promotes easy maneuvering.

Most importantly, it has an 18*20 open string pattern. The tight strings and firm grip are ideal for promoting the tennis ball game with ease and accurateness.


  • Powerful
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Tall and narrow
  • Open string pattern


  • It does not come with a cover
  • Some consumers are delivered with damaged rackets

2 – HEAD MICROGEL – Best Cheap Tennis Racket

Wasted many hours while searching for a lightweight quality racket and still unable to find a premium one? Wait, maybe our next pick on the best tennis rackets under $100 can help you with this. Turn on the sports beast inside you with the Head MicroGel Radical Tennis Racket- an ultimate choice of quality lovers.

Head has been amazing to their consumers with excellent sports equipment for years. Microgel Radical tennis racket is another revolutionary piece of equipment from this brand, available at a low cost.

This best tennis racquet under $100 is designed with a minimum of 10.4 oz. Besides this, it has an 18*20 string pattern, while the beam of the racket is 21mm. The tight string pattern and lightweight construction make it suitable for intermediate players.

Moreover, it embodies a MicroGel frame that absorbs and distributes the force to give a balanced and comfortable feel to the player. Simultaneously, the closed string pattern aids in providing adequate control. Besides this, it is easy to swing because of its lightweight construction.

Some users have faced issues while handling, but overall it is an excellent piece of equipment at this price.


  • Lightweight
  • MicroGel frame
  • Precise dimensions
  • Tight string pattern


  • Unsatisfactory grip

3 – HEAD Ti.S6 STRUNG – Best Affordable Tennis Racket

Heighten your confidence by selecting the best tennis racket under $100 and amaze everyone at the tennis court. The next top-notch racket owns fantastic qualities at a reduced cost. Try the Head Ti.S6 Strung tennis racquet and took the trophy home.

For the third time in this article, the brand Head has appeared as their manufactured products are real value for money equipment. Head Ti.S6 has been a very demanding tennis racket since its launch. The reasons behind its popularity are documented below.

The first aspect that makes it commendable is its packaging. It comes with a cover that contains a shoulder strap. The lightly padded wrap assists in the protection and mobility of the item.

Further, the Head Ti.S6 contains a lengthy structure than the rival rackets. But still, it is light and promotes easy maneuverability. Lightweight formation helps maintain the right balance, while the large sweet spot delivers effortless power in every shot.

These features make it compatible for beginners to intermediate players. The only problem you might face is the vibrational feel while hitting. Overall, it is a great value-for-money product.


  • Lightweight
  • Large sweet spot
  • Comes with cover
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Ideal for beginners


  • It seems to vibrate more


Searching for cheaper tennis rackets? Take a look at the best tennis racquets under 50.

1 – HEAD Ti. CONQUEST – Best Budget Tennis Racquet

Seeking a perfect companion with a large sweet spot? We have got an excellent racket for you, just under 50 bucks. Yes! You read that right. Prepare yourself for unlimited sports with Head Ti. Conquest- a fantastic choice for beginners to intermediate players.

You will be amazed to know that the cheap racket is assembled with a Nano Titanium Technology that confirms the stability with additional power. Next to this, the incorporated advanced technology ensures the product’s long shelf life.

Moreover, the athletic equipment embodies a large head that gives perfect control to the moderate swing players. Moreover, the weightless Head reduces vibrations and maintains stability while striking the ball.

Enjoy crisp shots with the best tennis racket under 50 that features an 18*19 string pattern for excellent control.

The Head Ti. Conquest weighs 9.7 oz, which makes it slightly heavier than the others. The fact enables it to generate more power on swinging. If you are not comfortable with a heavy one, seek other options. It’s among the best tennis rackets under $100.


  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Large sweet spot
  • Headlight balance
  • Nano Titanium Technology


  • Flimsy grip

2 – WILSON TOUR SLAM LITE – Cheap Tennis Racquet

From daily recreational needs to professional athletic games, the best tennis racquet under 50 is suitable for every tennis need. Presenting you the next valuable tennis commodity at a reasonable price, the Wilson Tour Slam Lite is a meaningful partner to every tennis lover.

Wilson has engineered the Tour Slam Lite with remarkable aspects, just like the expensive rackets. But the thing that makes a difference is the price. No other rival racquets offer such an extraordinary quality at this price.

The most highlighting feature of this equipment is the Volcanic Frame Technology that confirms maximum power and stability during the game. Furthermore, the oversized racquet contains a larger head dimension that promotes easy striking with comfort.

More than that, it contains Stop shock pads that reduce vibrations for precise performance. Striking the ball with perfect momentum is a piece of cake with this equipment, as it is assembled with a considerable length of 27.5 inches.

As if that’s not enough, the valuable commodity has an ideal 16*19 open string pattern. This aspect enhances the spin while striking.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Large head dimension
  • Volcanic frame technology
  • It contains stop shock pads


  • It will not last long

3 – OPPUM ADULT CARBON FIBER – Best Value Tennis Racket

Yet unable to find the favorable one? No worries, there are a lot more to go. Moving forward in our listicle on the best tennis rackets under $50, we get another whole racket for our passionate tennis players.

Opium Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis racket can be a valuable investment for aspiring players. Why select the racket with heftier price tags when you can get a tremendous one without burning a hole in your pocket?

Oppum Carbon Fiber is extremely light and comfortable, making it suitable for every gender and all ages. The adequate length and perfect face size flourish optimum tennis ball game execution.

Oppum Carbon Fiber is designed with a triangular frame that permits excellent shock absorbency while performing. Next to this, it incorporates a double hole technology threading for increased product stability.

Furthermore, the manufacturer claims the racket’s outstanding quality and durability for many reasons. Firstly the metal frame is made from a mixture of high-quality carbon and aluminum metals. Secondly, the racquet face has a strong mesh belt. Lastly, it contains a durable wooden handle. These aspects confirm the calibre constitution and longer shelf life of this item.


  • Triangular structure
  • It comes with a cover
  • Double shock absorption
  • Double hole technology threading
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum metal frame


  • Grip might come apart after some uses

4 – HEAD TOUR PRO – Best Oversize Tennis Racquet

Our review article encloses many choices for beginners to intermediate players. This elected tennis equipment holds its origin from the familiar and trusted brand Head. Give a tough competition to your opponent with the Head Tour Pro Tennis Racket and gather unlimited applauses.

The Tour Pro Tennis racket is an excellent choice for new tennis players. It can be used for everyday practices to polish their professional-level skills. The meaningful equipment comprises Nano Titanium Technology that provides more power and stability.

Not only this, the durable Titanium makes it last longer than ordinary cheap rackets. The most beneficial aspect for beginners is the headlight advantage. It reduces the vibrations while striking the ball; simultaneously, it intensifies stability.

The Tour Pro tennis racket has an oversized head that measures 110″ in size. A more significant hitting area establishes a larger sweet spot for easy and accurate shots. Furthermore, the racket is pre-strung and contains a firm grip.

Apart from precious factors, there are some drawbacks too. Tour Pro does not come with a cover and some buyers are unsatisfied with the customer service. No doubt, it is one of the best tennis rackets under 100 dollars except for some minor flaws.


  • Cheap
  • Comfortable
  • Over-sized Head
  • Appealing color scheme
  • Made from durable Titanium


  • It does not contain a cover
  • Unsatisfactory customer service

5 – SENSTON PROFESSIONAL – Balanced Tennis Racquets

Upgrade your athletic skills by picking the favorable one from the reviewed best tennis racquets under $50 and be a champion. This time, we have reviewed a splendid racket that can cover every tennis ball game faculty.

For beginners to recreational adults, from regular practices to tournaments, this piece of equipment can go with all.

Senston tennis racket has made the deluxe sport approachable for ordinary people. Newbies can start their careers with an excellent racket without offending their budget.

First of all, the tennis ball racket embodies a classy look that will automatically set your mood for a passionate performance. Next to this, it is available in four different colors to match other individuals’ choices.

Along with the stylish exterior, it is formulated with one-piece modeled technology. The unique design increases its durability plus strengthens the intensity. Furthermore, the precise length and head size add more value to this racket.

A comfortable tennis experience requires a lightweight and efficient racket. Therefore, Senston has carefully engineered this one with a light mass that saves your delicate wrist from discomforts.

Guess what? Senston racket comes with a premium case that keeps it protected and aids in portability. Moreover, it features good shock absorption and an open string pattern to stimulate stability and power.

The best part, the friendly customer service will resolve any possible query after the purchase.


  • Lightweight
  • Precise grip
  • Vibration damper
  • One-piece modeled technology


  • The carrying case is of low quality

So, these are the best tennis rackets under $100.

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The best tennis racquets under 100 dollars have changed the tennis sport’s perception. Anyone can play and show mastery with the inexpensive equipment. All the reviewed rackets are manufactured with different aspects. Therefore, it is essential to acknowledge this significant athletic equipment’s basic elements to make a valuable investment.

We have listed this exhaustive buyer’s guide for our audience to help them pick up the reviewed products’ favorable ones. Read our buyer’s guide about the best tennis rackets under $100 and find the right one.


The first aspect to consider while deciding on the best tennis racquet under 100 dollars is the signature label. Always go for a trusted and reputed denomination for a meaningful possession. Products from an authentic brand are more durable than ordinary ones.

Wilson and Head are the top leading names in tennis equipment manufacturing. At the same time, Oppum and Senston are also considerable ones.


Length is an essential factor to analyze before taking the verdict. The suggested length for teens is from 23 to 26 inches. In comparison, the regular players can choose between a 26 to 29-inch racket.

Most professional tennis players recommend 27-inch rackets to cover vast fields.


Take a look at the striking pattern before proceeding to the final transactional step. There are two types of string patterns of tennis racquets.


These rackets have a less intersecting cross. e.g., 16*20 string pattern. The rackets possessing open string patterns deliver more spin and power to the ball on hitting. But these rackets are less durable because the strings are more prone to snapping due to lack of cross strings.


Rackets with more intersecting crosses like 18*20 string patterns are placed in this category. The rackets with closed string patterns are resistant to snapping due to additional cross strings. This pattern’s disadvantage is that it delivers less power and spin to the ball.

The selection of string pattern categories depends upon the type of play you conduct. Those seeking a racket for powerful strokes should select the open string pattern rackets, while the players who hit hard and need more control rather than spin and power may go with a closed string pattern.

Read our guide about the best tennis strings to choose the right racket string.


Checking the head area size can help you buy the best tennis racquet under $100. Deciding on this aspect also relies upon the level of your playing.

You may find a wide range of head sizes in different racket models. Typically it ranges from 85 to 135 Square inches. A larger head size means you have a greater hitting area and a large sweet spot.

Pick up the oversized head racket if you desire more power. On the other hand, a mid-sized head provides more control.

Beginners can perform well with oversized rackets, while midsize rackets are preferred for professional players.


What can be essential than the grip size? Even the luxurious ones are ineffective if you did not get the right grip size.

This is the essential element that plays a vital role in your performance. Rackets with unfavorable grip size not only affect your execution but can also lead to discomforts, injuries, poor control, or lack of power in your shots.

Hold the racket and check whether it feels comfortable or not. Tight grips can cause irritation and sweating during the game.


Tennis rackets are formulated in varied weights to meet different players’ requirements. Lightweight rackets are recommended for beginner players, as they are comfortable and easy to maneuver. At the same time, these do not hurt the wrist. In contrast, advanced tennis players prefer heavyweight rackets to achieve ultimate power, precise balance, and adequate control.


It is essential to keep your tennis racquets protected when not in use. A racket cover aids best in protection and portability.

Some of the rackets come with covers, but many lack them. You have to buy it separately for them.

best tennis rackets under $100

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Check out these FAQs to resolve further queries about the best tennis rackets under $100.

Should I choose the heavy tennis racket or go for the lighter one?

A lightweight tennis racket is comfortable to use and promotes easy maneuvering. You can play freely and hit powerful shots with these. In contrast, heavy rackets absorb more shocks and strengthen stability.

If you are a beginner, then select the lightweight tennis racket. At the same time, professional players know well how to deal with heavy ones.

How would I know that it is time to restring my tennis racket?

Judge it by the appearance of the strings. If you notice you are not getting enough power or spin, or the strings are coming apart or look shaggy, your tennis racket needs restringing.

Which is the best tennis racket for beginners?

Head Ti.S6 is the best beginner racket.

What is the vibration dampener?

It is a little piece of rubber inserted between a couple of strings and the Head’s bottom. It absorbs the shocks or vibrations while hitting the ball.

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Buying the right racket for the first time can be a daunting job. But we are sure that this article has made it much easier for you. Read all the details of the best tennis rackets under $100 and conclude with a premium one that matches your playing level.

Yet unable to decide? No problem, we have some premium suggestions for our confused readers. You can go with our recommendations.

Best tennis racket under 50 – Wilson Tour Slam Lite

Best tennis racket under 100- Head Ti.S6 Strung

If you still have any questions after reading these best tennis rackets under $100, you can contact us anytime for help.

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