6 Common Tennis Injuries – How to Prevent Tennis Injuries

So, tennis is one of the most refreshing and exciting sports. It is equally good for physical and mental health. And, for a perfect shot, it needs eyes and hand coordination and engages the whole body for running and movements. Like every sportsperson, tennis players also experience some injuries. But, if you need to find out more about the most common tennis injuries, read on. Also, you can reduce these injuries with regular workouts, proper gaming techniques, and a warm-up routine.

Overview – Most Common Tennis Injuries

Read on to learn more about Injuries in Tennis. We’ll also share solutions for preventing these common tennis injuries. So, don’t go anyway.

1. Tennis Elbow

So, it is an injury that can cause due to overuse of the wrist and forearm. And it can happen to non-athletes as well. Plus, those sportspersons, who play racquet sports, are more likely to suffer from it. It is one of the most common tennis injuries.

In medical terms, it is Lateral epicondylitis. It happens due to swelling of the tendons that cause your wrist to bend backward. Likewise, tendons are the fibrous connective tissues that join muscles with bones. It gets inflamed due to the rapid and regular wrist and arm movements. Usually, its signs are burning or pain on the outside of the elbow and weak grip strength. Plus, if you feel pain while shaking hands or facing difficulty in squeezing can also be the symptoms of tennis elbow.

Common Tennis Injuries

2. Stress Fractures in Vertebral Column (Back Pain)

Tennis injuries also include stress fractures in the back. So, as you start to play, you tend to bend backward and sideward to hit the ball and reach the topspin. And this bending somehow gets intense and puts stress on your spine.

It can also damage the small joints and soft tissues of the vertebrae. And cause pain in the lower back. So, it’s not always very painful, but it can get worse if you don’t treat it timely.

3. Knee Pain (Jumper’s Knee / Patellar Tendonitis)

Medically, it is known as Patellar Tendonitis. So, it basically joins the kneecap to the Shin Bone (Tibia). And it is one of the most common tennis injuries. So, we can include it in quite an intense tennis injury list.

It weakens or strains the patellar that helps with kneeling, jumping, and stepping downwards. At times, a player forcefully bent down to hit the shot, causing a tear in tendons. So, it results in knee pain.

Most Common Tennis Injuries

4. Rotators Cuff Injury

So, shoulder injury is one of the most common injuries in tennis. The players repetitively use their arms and forearm to place the shot and swing the racket. And the rotator cuffs are the muscles that surround the shoulder joint and help the arm bone stay in place. It provides firmness to the bone. Also, it gives the ability to move the shoulder in any direction.

So, the tendon cuts away from the bone in a rotator’s cuff tear. It happens due to swinging the racket over and over again. Also, rotator cuff tendonitis occurs when a player does a bit much overhead serving. And its symptoms include shoulder pain, soreness, weakened shoulder muscles, and a problem lifting the arm.

5. Ankle Sprains

Tennis player injuries also include Ankle Sprains. It is the most common injury that probably every tennis player suffers from. Too much jumping, sliding, and running can cause a player to suffer from this injury. So, badly making a high jump and landing can cause a wrong ankle turn. It also occurs when an athlete rolls or oddly twists his ankle. Plus, ankle pain and difficulty in walking are the signs of an ankle sprain.

6. Wrist Sprain (Wrist Tendonitis)

So, while we are finding out the tennis player injuries, a wrist sprain is also one of them. It is related to racket holding and gripping position. At times, the wrist gets knotty when a player begins to hit the ball. And, swinging the racket, again and again, can damage the wrist tendons. So, to avoid wrist strains, knowledge of a good gripping technique is vital.

Tennis Arm Injuries

How To Prevent Most Common Tennis Injuries?

So, as we have looked at the tennis injury list, here is how we can prevent them. And yes! You are on the right spot if you are looking for good prevention ideas to avoid tennis injuries. The nature of the injury itself tells if you need to visit your doctor or if you handle it at home. So, let’s find out more about it. And what precautions you must follow to stay physically fit and keeps away from tennis player injuries.

Right Choice of The Equipment

So, firstly make sure to select the right size of racket and shoes along with all the essential protective gear. It will minimize the risk of injuries. And to avoid tennis elbow and wrist tendonitis:

  • Work with your instructor on the gripping and swinging technique of the racket.
  • Select the right athlete shoes. And make sure to wear padded tennis socks to prevent ankle sprains and knee pain.

And you must take some protective gear before stepping into the court, like wrist and elbow bands, etc.

Read our review guide about the best tennis racquets for tennis elbow and best strings for tennis elbow to avoid tennis injuries.

Practice and Warm-Up Routine

Try to set a warm-up routine and practice a lot so that your body gets used to it. Practice makes you work on the swinging techniques and learn the proper hitting of the ball. And in this way, you can make your strokes more powerful and precise. Also, routine morning stretches and warm-up activity before match help prevent stress fractures and rotators cuff injury.

Exercise and Gym Routine

So, gym workouts and exercise are essential in any athlete’s life. Tennis is a game that needs whole-body participation. And to avoid muscles sprains and aches, you should exercise and work out regularly.

Final Words

Well! Tennis is not just a sport, but it’s a fun time activity as well. People of every age love to play it. And it is such a game that it is not bound to a particular country. Everyone loves to play this game around the world. So, if you love to play tennis, you must know its basic rules.

And have a good knowledge of the possible most common tennis injuries that can occur due to ill-moves and wrong techniques. So, keep in mind all the possible injuries and preventions. And, yes, don’t forget to work with your instructor on techniques and exercise regularly. And, in a way, you’ll stay physically fit and enjoy your favorite sport.

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